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Role of Teachers in the Era of Google

“A Teacher is not only an ocean of knowledge but also a wonderful mind with great experiences of life.”

The key difference between a ‘Teacher’ and the most widely used search engine ‘Google’ is clearly evident in this quote.

The role of the teacher as a guide, facilitator, and mentor was always pivotal but is all the more important with the introduction of technology in the classroom. Google can never replace the endearing relationship students and teachers share and sense of responsibility a teacher has towards the students. Neither can it replace the firm belief which parents have on Teachers.

The technological revolution in education is a welcome sign. It forces teachers to keep up-to-date with their practices and make new ideas and theories relating to the subject area more accessible. However, technology cannot replace the human element in teaching. I have found that access to technology does not necessarily mean that students know how to use it to benefit them in class or for study. They still need teachers to guide them efficiently.

The difference between the past and present tasks of teachers is represented by the technical background they need, to be able to use and handle the computer and other operating systems effectively. Teachers must now be willing to relinquish absolute control in the classroom and embrace new ways of learning. Instead of being book-oriented, they need to be tech-savvy. The future of education is clearly going to be personalized-tech infused learning. We need teachers to teach because the vast majority of youth is unenthusiastic and disobedient in doing it for themselves.

Google may teach, but only a teacher can make you understand. Future of education will not be teachers versus technology, but teachers plus technology.

And as long as the balance is maintained we can expect an education system that not only promotes learning but also opens doors to creative freedom and expression.


Do you use technology in your classroom? Tell us what is your experience in the comments section.


Written by S. Gandhimathi


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  1. ‘The future of education will not be teachers versus technology, but teachers plus technology’ ; excellent thought!  It’s very well-written and contains sound & practical views. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Keep this good articles coming!

  2. Great article which deciphers the myth that teachers are not required any more in the world of technology…. Well said, that only teacher can make them understand, Google will be another book but not a teacher…. Well articulated article.

  3. Use of technology in education is most welcome in the rapidly changing world. But it cannot ( and should not) replace the human element in teaching. So in future it is going to be tech infused personalized teaching. This is a wonderful, practical and balanced way of looking at things. Hearty congratulations, Gandhimathi. I am very happy that you emphasized the personal element in teaching. Nobody can deny the importance of technology. But I firmly believe that Teachers do make a difference in this teaching learning process. Congratulations once again. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hearty congratulations, Gandhimathi. This is a practical and balanced way of looking at things. Technology is very important, but Teachers do make a difference in this teaching learning process.

  5. From childhood your aim is to be a teacher and you have achieved and deserved it and very proud of my sister…Keep going to scale greater heights…

  6. Yes Gandhi , I strongly agree on your note that future of education will not be teachers versus technology, but teachers plus technology.your passion towards teaching amazing.

  7. Mam a zabardast article…and what I believe is that google compliments\ a teachers performence and can never replace a good teacher.
    One of my favourite quote..:
    ”There is NO substitute of a good TEACHER but a good teacher will be replaced by a teacher who is good at ICT”

  8. Nice article related to teachers with technology linked together been useful for students to achieve the more heights of educational growth in future!!!!

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