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Math Magic, Making Teaching Multiplication Fun and Easy with Bingo!

The only way to learn math is to do math!

In order to revise multiplication facts, all the way till 10 x 10, I made my students of grades 3 to 5 play Multiplication Bingo. It’s Math Magic as it makes learning multiplication fun and easy.

The kids really enjoyed playing the game, while they cleared any gaps they had in their multiplication tables. I arranged this game for all three grades in their classrooms. I also designed special game cards for it, along with a game board.

The Rules of the Game

The announcer calls out one question at a time. Each question can be read in different ways.

8 x 6:

8 times 6 6 multiplied by 8

6 times 8 8 multiplied by 6

All the players have to calculate the answer. Any player who has the answer on their game card, will cut it with a pencil.

The first player to cut out all the answers shouts BINGO and will be the WINNER.

The announcer will check the winner’s game card by comparing the numbers on the card with the numbers on the game board.

Problem Solving through Mathematical Thinking

The mathematical conundrums posed in this game helps a child becomes confident, innovative, reflective, engaged and responsible. In this way, a keen interest can be created among students to apply mathematical knowledge, and they can develop a holistic understanding of math.

Through this activity and other such games, we can help our children develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

All images are uploaded by the teacher, Cambridge University Press doesn’t own these images. 

What did you think of this wonderful activity by Shalini? Have you invented a game that helps to teach things in a fun way? Share with us in the comments or in an article like Shalini.

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The Guru

Written by Shalini Chauhan

I want to connect with TOT. Looking forward to a great learning experience.
I believe it's not a SUBJECT which is boring or interesting, but it's a TEACHER who can make it boring or interesting.


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  1. Hi! I believe as a facilitator one has to have passion and enthusiasm for learning and love for the subject he/she facilitates,to spread that willingness to learn.
    If you are able to spark the curiosity n interest among the learners, you can confidently say that you are on the right path.

    • Hi! You know, a good teaching experience is where you can see your students engaged. Engaged in interacting with each other, questioning each other and in mathematical discussions.

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