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‘We can make it right, come tomorrow we’ll see the light’: A Gen Z shout out for Mother Earth

‘We hold the world in our hands, we hold the future let’s take a stand’: A Heartfelt Rap for Mother Earth

At our school, we often brainstorm for the best teaching and learning ideas, not only among teachers but with learners too. Our learners participated in a group discussion based upon, ‘Who will take responsibility for Earth’s current condition and its future? They started coming up with a lot of ideas and we shared our plan with them as well for the Earth Day.

Our learners are already learning about writing poems, so we thought it would be interesting to share some links with them to generate more ideas. Finally, all the brainstorming culminated in a heartfelt rap song for Earth Day. Almost seven learners tried their hand at it and we were quite happy.

We were inspired by their effort as these youngsters are the future. If they know and accept the reality, they could be the forerunners in saving Mother Earth.

Rap song –

What did you do this Earth Day or Environment Day with your students?

Admiring Advisor

Written by Anupam Sharma

I consider myself as an enthusiastic learner and passionate about trying new things for better learning.
As a Science teacher, I believe in nurturing the scientific temperament among the learners from the early years, which is the need of today as building upon the knowledge that a child already has before entering a school and then moving ahead.
Facilitating Biology concepts becomes more interesting to the learners when the facilitator gets successful in passing on his/her own enthusiasm and thirst for learning and exploring along with the learners.

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