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Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Holidays

Summer is that special time of the year when school’s out and kids get almost two months to themselves. Kids should definitely have a lot of fun and catch up on their sleep, but also be aware of the beautiful world around them, not just while away that precious time. Kids should think of some fun, as well as, a few meaningful things to do around the house or even outside. They can even use this time to contribute to their society in their own little way.

A teacher’s note to her students for summer holidays

Its summer again! It brings with it the heat, the dust and thirst! Vacations are the biggest gift of the summer, but how to avoid the wasteful stupor of just lying in bed or binge watching your favorite show.

Vacations can be utilized with fun and abandon, if only we plan it a little.

So, let’s do it!

Set your alarm for the morning. Allow yourself a good sleep and an allowance of waking up an hour later, but not more than that, because there are so many other things to do.

Go for a swim, take a walk in the park, try yoga or Zumba at home, learn few new songs, or enroll yourself to learn an instrument or a dance. Take time to hone your talent or discover what makes you tick.

Water your plants, have water fights with your friends or siblings to beat the heat, or better still, learn to make a good cup of tea for your mom and dad!

Read the newspaper, as it is a window to the world and helps to keep you abreast of the latest information around the world; it helps to start a conversation, if you know what’s happening around you, in your world.

Find time to meet your friends, family or just discover your city, its monuments, lost places, library, museums etc.

Spend time with your grandparents. Ask them which countries they have visited? Look at their old photos and hear the stories around them. This will help you learn not only about your grandparents but history and culture.

You can also give your mother a helping hand in the kitchen or the house. You will learn so much by just observing and helping her. Note the twinkle in her eyes and her infectious laughter that day.

Clean up your room, reset it differently, clean up your wardrobe, declutter your study space.

You could also set some time to revise your syllabus every day, one subject per day. Improve your handwriting, write something for your school magazine or read something extra for strengthening your command over your subjects.

Plan an outing with your family, reach out to friends and let the fun and magic help create precious memories.

Try your hand at everything mundane, be it cooking, dancing, cleaning, painting, sharing and may be even volunteering at an NGO or teaching the underprivileged. Summer vacations are fleeting and beautiful, so hold them and make use of them in such a manner that they stay with you forever.

Happy Summer to you!

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Admiring Advisor

Written by savita-panhotra

I am a senior teacher and the Head of Department of English, at Apeejay School, Pitampura. I have an experience of 30 years of teaching high school students. I am proud to share that I feel enriched to be surrounded by young minds who have given me so much love and also shared their anxieties with me.


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  1. Savita ma’am
    Read your article and loved it, so much so that I immediately called kids out and made then read it too…!
    1. Absolutely insightful.
    2. Suggesting so many practical things that one can actually take up during vacations.
    3. Through this wonderful article one can go on and make an interesting to do list.
    4. A few lines in particular.. Makes us realize how precious these vacations can be and we must make the most out of it before it slips out of our hands like dry sand..
    5. A must read for every child, patent and most importantly a teacher coz she’s the one who is going to inspire her students at large..!
    Stupendous would be an understatement Ma’am…!
    Loved it..!
    I congratulate you…!

  2. Beautiful and fruitful utilisation of summer holidays. Well planned ang well balanced holidays can really do well for our children

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