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Online Teaching for First Timers Made Easy

The Sudden Switch to Online Teaching

Due to Covid 19, educational systems have been affected worldwide. It has led to the widespread closure of schools and universities. Therefore, now more than ever before, online teaching has become need of the hour.

It might take time and some things will work and some won’t. Relax and be confident! Just remember, we are all learning.

Tips to Make online teaching Easier

Tips to make Online Teaching EASY for everyone! 

Here are a few tips to make online teaching a little easier for the teachers who are doing it for the first time.

  • Start small: Use the method you are most comfortable with. Whichever method you use, your students will appreciate that you are there for them, to answer their queries, to motivate them, and help them through this.
  • Set boundaries: Remember and help them to remember that when they logged in, they are in school.
  • Be realistic: While you are taking lessons, but be realistic when setting tasks. Keep in mind, they are not ‘physically’ in a classroom. Kids might not have props or many facilities available at home.
  • Clarity: Your instructions should be clear. Specify the length of time to be spent on the given tasks.
  • Talk to Parents: Parents will play a big role in making this easy for you and learners. Keep lines of communication open with the parents. Share your number and email id.
  • Modify Resources: Set daily work for the students with resources to assist them. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look for resources that you can modify for your kids.
  • Set timelines: It gets very easy to lose pace of things at home. Set a time for submission of their work. It can be on daily or weekly basis.
  • Avoid Distractions: Get your students to turn off their cameras and mikes. If they can see or chat with one another, it will distract them as it is a new experience for them too. But be available, they can message in the chatbox to ask questions.
  • Find your Spot: This is important for both teachers and students. Create a regular study space. Motivate your students to be organised.

Am sure these tips will help you in creating your digital lesson plans. But most importantly, in the beginning, keep your part short. Simply focus on welcoming students with a smile, and explain the  instruction or plan for the lesson intended.

You can also check out my video with these tips here

Share your tips and get featured!

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is posing huge challenges for teachers and learners. How are you dealing with it?

We’re inviting teachers to share their tips on teaching from home due to school closure. Being at the centre of the emergency transition to remote learning, we’d like to know the secret sauce to your success. Click here to send your tip or on the image above.

Best tips will be featured here on the Cambridge Teacher Community with Teacher’s name and school.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is posing huge challenges for teachers and learners. At Cambridge University Press we are committed to supporting you at this difficult time. To support teachers, students and parents around the world, wide range of online resources are available

Access digital resources for CBSE and ICSE curriculum

Access resources for International curriculum (Cambridge Assessment International Education)

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The Guru

Written by Shalini Chauhan

I want to connect with TOT. Looking forward to a great learning experience.
I believe it's not a SUBJECT which is boring or interesting, but it's a TEACHER who can make it boring or interesting.


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