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What Support Do Schools Need to Ensure Unhindered Learning?

No Pause to Learning 

 YES, the SCHOOLS ARE OPEN in each home. 

During this pandemic, it is a challenge to keep education going and schools need all the support from parents and teachers. Millions of children are affected, and schools are working 24/7 leaving no single stone unturned. K12 learning has never been this dynamic, it has changed in a blink of an eye while society is in the grip of this pandemic.

“According to a report on the education sector by EY-FICCI, India has the highest number of schools and the highest number of students enrolled in the K-12 system compared to the leading nations of the globe.” 

Government bodies have indefinitely closed the schools in the wake of this disease- a truly historic event that none of us would have experienced till now. So, the question that arises is that are we going to take an educational pause? Can we afford it? What support do schools need to ensure no pause to learning?

School authorities decided to go digital and integrate other digital learning platforms with the school ERPs. Teachers are holding virtual classes for the children right from their homes and have implemented the emergency virtual learning platforms.

Schools Are Calling Out for Your Support

For virtual learning to succeed the schools need tremendous support. Hand- holding by stakeholders, especially the parents, is the need of the hour to sail through these difficult times. Here are few things that we can do to make this journey smooth.

 1. Have Faith in Schools 

Parents need to repose their faith on the school even during these times. Just like the parents, the school also wants the best for their children.

 2. Honesty  

Schools can upgrade and install the best learning practices, but what if the children are not honest to their work? Parents need to keep a check on the assignments and modules children are receiving in the online classes. They must make sure children are absorbing what is being taught to them through these classes.

 3. Quality Time 

School education is not only about studying, but about a 360-degree development of a child.

It’s about scholastic, non-scholastic and co-scholastic skills, soft skills, and developing the mental, physical and emotional health of the children. This is the best time for parents to create an everlasting bond with their children by spending quality time with them.

 4. Be Your Child’s Mentor 

Be your child’s friend, philosopher and guide. Help your child know your happiness, your struggles and your achievements. Narrate personal success and failure stories to them. This will help build their emotional endurance.

 5. Learn from Your Children 

There is a lot that you can learn from your children. Learn to be happy in every situation, learn to laugh, learn to be positive and most importantly, learn how to ‘learn’.

 6. Uninterrupted Learning 

The schools are offering online learning platforms to students who are picking up fast as they belong to the digital age. The education being provided is not just academic, but also encapsulates practicing yoga and meditation for a continued sense of wellbeing.

Keeping Teachers Motivated during these Changing Times

Despite being used to a brick and mortar model of schooling, it is commendable how teachers are showing a willingness to change and adapt. They are doing their best to transition and leverage technology to the best of their abilities.

Once these times are over, I am sure the world will remember teachers and schools around the world for keeping the younger generation going and taking care of their wellbeing in these unprecedented times too.

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Encouraging Educator

Written by Bijaya Sahoo

A pioneer, a visionary, a thinker, and a man of action, Dr. Sahoo is a man with a passion for excellence in education. Dr. Sahoo’s philosophy, ‘Every child is a leader and can make a difference to the world’ defines his roadmap for the years to come. His long term perspective includes imparting quality education in pre-schools, where Howard Gardner’s principle of multiple intelligences will be practiced. His plans also include setting up a world-class Teacher Training Institute, and assimilating the best practices from across the world through active collaboration. A greater vision remains and that is the setting up of SAI International University for Education, Management, Business and Liberal Arts.
Let’s Build a Better India Through Education.

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