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Learn with & from Peers- Top Tips For Online Teaching #2

Teach On Digital Platforms With Expertise

We are living in a world that is currently facing unprecedented challenges due to a pandemic. The lockdowns throughout the world keep seeming to be extended with no clear end date in sight.

However, such is the human spirit that even in adverse circumstances there is a lot of room for ingenuity and creativity. The country-wide lockdown continuance has made it imperative that educational institutions join the digital platform to make sure that at least learning remains immune to this virus.

Most of the schools and colleges around the world have shifted to online classes to help students continue their education from the comfort of their homes.

Tips To Follow During Your Online Lesson

We reached out to teachers via our social media channels and the Cambridge Teacher Community all over India to share tips on mastering remote teaching. Thank you to all the teachers for sharing their tips and best practices. This is the second edition in the series of these articles, read the first article here.

These are some of the great tips to keep in mind when you are conducting your online lesson

 Make Online Self-Assessment Activities 

Paran Mehta, Nehru world School, Uttar Pradesh suggested that teachers can design online self-assessment activities for students to keep track of their learning.

 Sense The Mood 

Don’t forget to check in. Go through the attendees screens to try to recognise mood of child. Change your tone if needed,

Yogita Nangare, Abhang English Medium School Dehugaon, Maharashtra

 Prepare Home Assignments & Worksheets 

Dhanashri Vikas Patil, Abhang English Medium School Dehugoan, Maharashtra advised that nowadays we have to change our methodology of teaching. It should be virtual yet impactful. We can send videos of our virtual classes so that students can learn by the ‘learning and doing’ method. Teachers can give home assignment or worksheets so that students can implement whatever they learn throughout the year.

 Keep the session focussed with un/mute button 

Natasha Irani, HVB Global Academy, Maharashtra felt that as much as a lively interaction should be encouraged in class, online classes with larger numbers of students can get chaotic to handle. So after exchange of greetings for the day,  ‘mute all’. Make sure to tell the students before muting them.

Mute and start the lesson to control the interaction and while giving instructions. The teacher can then pick the student/s that he/she wishes to participate giving equal opportunities to all in the class. All their questions can be addressed systematically in the time allotted by the teacher for this reason so that the class is disturbed. This ensures that the matter at hand is complete and if understood in totality, the teacher may allow other students to respond to their classmates’ queries respectfully. In this manner, formative assessment of the class is possible without students even realizing they are being assessed. Students can be engaged mindfully if the teacher is comfortable with the software, has prepared efficiently for the lesson and has complete control over the proceedings.

 Use a little humour 

Dealing with primary students becomes easy when you make personal connections. Bring in a little humour while teaching the kids from home. Also, make them feel that each one of them is important, whether they are in the class or at home. This boosts their confidence and they strive to give their best. – Shamil Sayal, Nehru World School, Uttar Pradesh

 Encourage parents to guide 

Every child has to be monitored and guided by their parents.

– Shaji T C, Vaels international school, Tamil Nadu

Cambridge Supporting Every Teacher

At Cambridge University Press, we share teachers’ ambitions to prepare students for success in life, both academically and personally. This rich insight, and our common goal helps us in the development of every new educational initiative we take. Through the Cambridge Teacher Community – Teachers of Tomorrow platform, we bring together the best thoughts and ideas to assist teachers to ensure Better Learning.

At TOT, it is our endeavour to integrate the teaching community. We intend to support the community by sharing all of your wonderful ideas, thoughts, views and suggestions. So, keep sharing your expert tips and we hope that TOT is that place where you keep coming back for more.

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