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Be a part of global RESEARCH on HOME LEARNING during pandemic

We would greatly value your participation in our research on home learning during a pandemic.

Cambridge University Press has partnered with EDUCATE Ventures, University College London, to conduct an important large-scale research programme engaging with all stakeholders in disrupted education systems – from students, teachers and parents to policymakers, school leaders, and content developers.

What are we doing?

The coronavirus crisis is the biggest peacetime disruption to education. School closures have affected the education of more than 1.5 billion students. But it has also been a period of massive innovation and experimentation.
Research during this period of disruption is vitally important because it will help inform decisions in the recovery phase and in planning to improve the resilience of education systems to future disruption.

Be part of the research and gain access to the findings

Help us understand how education systems should be improved for future challenges. The research is designed to be quick and easy to complete, consisting of a short questionnaire and an optional daily question. On average, it only takes three minutes to complete.

The more participants we have, and the more countries participating, the more valuable and useful these insights will be. We would be very grateful if you could forward to any colleagues or partners who might be interested in participating.
We will share results and analysis from the survey with all participants for free.

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