Create an Anti-Cheating Pledge

Some teachers find another way to reinforce integrity and honesty is to create an Anti-Cheating Pledge.

Essentially, this pledge will define your classes rules related to cheating and academic honesty. It should be cut-and-dry to prevent anyone from trying to find a loophole when caught cheating.

You can create your own document or use a pre-generated one, but some teachers find more success when students are involved in creating the pledge themselves! After all, if students collectively come up with the rules related to cheating, they’ll hold each other accountable for not breaking them. (This is one of the times you’ll see peer pressure work in a positive way!)

After finalizing the details, have each student sign the pledge and agree to uphold everything included. To make the anti-cheating pledge front and center, you could even turn it into a poster to hang on your classroom wall.

This poster will act as a constant reminder to any student in your class that they’ve singed the pledge and are expected to uphold it!

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I am a post graduate in English from Kashmir University . I have been teaching literature for last 15 years and now working with Foundation World School as English Mentor

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