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Greetings of Peace To All! 

Delighted to be a part and share my hiccups and hurrahs of this ever so grateful journey and blessing to be a Teacher , a Coach or  most importantly a friend in need to the shining stars of tomorrow! 


When a student gets late for an online or offline class , instead of bombarding them with lectures on punctuality and it’s importance , we must try TO THINK FROM THE STUDENTS PERSPECTIVE and ask questions trying to compassionately find out their reason for being late. Hence letting them a chance to be truthful and honest instead of pressurising them with the should bes and must bes hence resulting them in lying or  making excuses.

A simple question of hey I have been waiting to meet you, what took you so long my dear? Is everything okay ?

Accepting and Respecting their answer with patience instead of any kind of judgement is the next step. Again we are trying to understand the situation from their point of view. So accept whatever and however silly or irresponsible (as we may feel) the reason is, remember IT IS VALID TO THEM FROM THEIR POV.

Being in their shoes and helping make sense we can slowly ask more questions like what were you playing today , wow it must have been an interesting game , you know I too love that game , just making them comfortable and at ease and away from the fear of getting scolded and manner policed by us showing our authority.

After this we can very cautiously try to bring their attention to the time factor but that too in a way which they can relate to. Like we can say that I know your playtime is so important so even I got you some game to start with and I am sure you know that we have only limited time in the class so what do you suggest we do , as you have your playtime also at the same time? Let them think over it and  do remember the idea is to handheld them to understand that playtime and study time are different and limited and if we don’t keep it that way we will not be able to enjoy either of them fully.

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Ruchi Dave Hembram 

House of Soft Skills 



Faithful and Full of Love for God and My Family and Passionate about Life

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