Individual Education Plans

I am a passionate learner first and then a facilitator who believes that every child is competent. Just as a gardener provides the essential nurture to the plant, at our school we teachers believe in providing the nurture to the learners that is the opportunities that would help them hone the required skills and emerge as mindful individuals. 

While we educators celebrate the differences each individual student showcases, it is equally challenging to address and leverage the student outcomes where no child is left behind. Teachers try their level best to cater to the needs of students in order to meet this challenge. However, the question that always remains is – what else can be done…

With the same question coming to my mind – what else can I do to increase the student outcomes … .I consistently and strongly experimented and tried Individual Education Plan (IEP) which helped me meet this challenge for my fourth graders to a great extent.

Success tasted in bite size chunks made my learners get motivated and the results showed the magic. Let me take you through this magical strategy used.

Individual Education Plan:

  • What it is:

IEP or Individual Education Plan – is a short term plan that is made by having a conference with the student and covers what the concerned parties (parents, teachers and learner) would be doing in order to help child bridge the learning gaps if any or provide with enrichment.

  • The template design:

 IEP – Sample

  • How:

The process of involving all stakeholders – the child – the teacher and the parent (enabling the SEE – DO – GET cycle in this context)

Once the IEP is pre-decided for the short period, fix a meeting with the parent and communicate the plan at school and expectations at home by explaining the IEP document.

Work with the child as per the POA (Plan of Action) documented in the IEP.

Follow up with the parents in the next parent meeting about the progress.

Do not forget to appreciate for the milestones achieved by the learner.

Revisit and redesign the new IEP for the next short term

  • Impact:

– Students growth in academic areas

– Students’ socio emotional learning is catered to as the confidence level rises

– Sense of satisfaction to all the stakeholders

Stay tuned for another strategy in my next post…..

Jayalaxmi Kulkarni

CAIE Educator

Encouraging Educator

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