Respect deficiency

Asalaamu alikum 

Today I am writing about the most important as well as common topic which is really hampering  daily tasks for both teachers and Nowadays it’s a rare but common among students a kind of deficiency which needs much attention and cute.As we are living in tech society we are more prone to social media services which is the main reason for deficiency of respect.As a parent as well as teacher I have researched about in depth and the results are quite common high rate of usage of mobile phones. So finding solutions is necessary like look back at the golden time where things r less and respect was more, where togetherness was more and hatred was no more, where life was better and beautiful and envy was no more and so on and so forth. Let’s pledge to work on deficiency of respect in ways like going out for outings, more outdoor activities to be in calculated. 

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Written by ShaziaRashidWani

Asalaamu alikum

This is Shazia Rashid. My profession is teaching as I have done Master's in English as well as M. Ed .I love teaching as well as learning new things each day updating my knowledge and Skills. I am interested in learning new IT skills.

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