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    Team Cambridge

    Expert of the Month: Rachael Horsman

    Rachael Horsman

    Bringing the delight in mathematics, Rachael is the expert in active learning! All this month, she’ll be available to answer any questions you might have on better teaching practices for mathematics, conversations on the topic and anything else you might think of! Drop in a comment below and Rachael will pop in to answer all your queries.

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    Shalini Chauhan

    Hi Rachael

    What is your strategies to bring delight in mathematics? @Rachael Horsman.

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    Hi Shalini,

    The list is so long! For me making sure students have to think and make connections. Showing the beauty of the subject and the practical uses. Highlighting hidden maths. Puzzles, problems, challenges, and games, but using these kinds of activities with a reason – finding the maths underneath them.

    Often challenging pupils beliefs… for example many say that there are 180 degrees inside a triangle… but what if you stood at the north pole and walked to the equator, walked around a quarter of the equator and then back to the north pole…. what is each angle in the traced triangle.

    There’s more!

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