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      Team Cambridge

      Share your effective teaching methods, classroom management strategies, and differentiated instruction approaches which worked in your classroom and engaged your children.

      Should you have any queries, this is the best platform with multiple experts on board. They will happily give their feedback and guide you.


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      For my domain (GP) and given the local socio-cultural context, many students face difficulty in reading and comprehending texts as well as analysing and effectively present their thoughts in writing. Thereby, learners are encouraged to read diverse texts. Several reading and comprehension interventions are also undertaken in class along with explaining linguistic parallels to Hindi and English.

      Separately, explanation of and practice for the assessment command words as well as the domain specific words are initiated with several practices. These are also used in conjunction with the written paper practice so that learners understand the details better.

      The reading texts are taken from various current affair news and magazine articles and books focussed on diverse topics. At times, discussion is also taken up on topics which aren’t chosen by students for their group report and the individual report. These tactics do help in engaging the students and to sustain their academic interest – and thereby classroom management. However, it doesn’t always seem to bring out the desired academic outcomes.
      Not many overt and explicit differentiated strategies have been used by me so far.

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        That is really an experienced scenario of pedagogy .

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      Hi Dhrupad Bhatt,
      It was nice to understand your strategies that you follow in your GP classroom. It is very evident that you have curated strategies that will best suit your learners and their demands. Just thought of sharing a practice that helped us in our school as far as GP is concerned. For every class a topic outlining a problem that required a solution was given to students to work on. They were asked to write a report for not more than 500 words and this was regularly discussed and feedback given appropriately. Slowly we found that the students were able to fit into the expected presentation when it comes to academic writing. When this was streamlined we were able to see more progress in students.
      Most importantly however simple assessment or work given it works well when a clear rubric is shared with them. Also sharing a checklist and marking criteria helps students to understand the scenario better.

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