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Artificial Intelligence and Education

An education system has an embedded responsibility to absorb, internalize, equip and sometimes orchestrate change. Change that is inevitable and necessary. The world as we experience today is on a perpetual continuum of redefinition, deconstruction and invention. Classroom management and pedagogy have been kept under close radars primarily to incorporate methodologies which brew conducive environments where the already shifted focus to student centered learning gains further profundity in synthesizing knowledge.

Future advancement will invariably lead to Artificial Intelligence being an integral thread of the teaching and learning process. The intervention is bound to be in phases. There is a time not so far in the future where AI companions will micro manage student learning, engagement, evaluation and mediation. One can envisage the logistics of education undergoing a massive alteration with tabs replacing pens and collaborative graft replacing redundant practices. Evaluation, both of teaching of learning and for learning, will be outsourced to AI systems catering to effective needs of individual and collaborative learning.

The larger question is the need of a ‘human’ teacher in the face of robotic reality. The need births from the very human aspect that is desired for students to remain grounded, philanthropic and humane global citizens. A teacher provides the moral, ethical and emotional foundation for steady growth and development. AI ideally will enrich learning, create headway and ease effective evaluation alongside teachers to create a generation of lifelong learners, avid achievers and compassionate humans.


Written by Bushra Suhail

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