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A Step towards a Happy Teacher

Knowledge has existed for time immemorial and the harbingers of the same have evolved and metamorphosed with time. From Guru in Gurukuls to virtual educators globally, teachers have touched lives, shaped careers and dissipated existential crises for many. A teacher is expected to have the most balanced outlook towards life, keep biases at bay, be life-long learners and concur sense when everything goes a tad bit hazy. How does then one make sure that a teacher continues to remain emotionally satiated, mentally gratified and intellectually quenched?
There is no definite set of rules that govern the teaching profession. In all honesty, it ideally shouldn’t. What remains to be leveraged is the happiness quotient attached to a teacher that invariably transpires to the lives he/she impacts every day. Happiness is relative and subjective but the foundation remains by and large common for all.
Teacher training is not just a professional need. It is a requisite for them to be at the cusp of change as the world experiences.
Teachers need to be given time, space and confidence to construct a trajectory of learning they see fit.
Recognition and reverence are the two most desired attributes anyone wants. Teachers deserve them a bit more.

A teacher is one who realizes the magnitude of her actions, the responsibility towards molding a generation and the self-worth to call a spade a spade.

A happy teacher is one who finds his/her purpose both noble and challenging, yet extremely meditative.

They are not just professionals, they are institutes within themselves.


Written by Ruchika Gupta

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