Kick-start the new school term with fun activities

After the exam fever, it’s now time for new books, new lessons, and new faces in the classroom. It’s time to begin a new academic session; time to go back to school. Most of the schools are all set to begin their new term from April 2 2018. For every teacher, it means meeting new students and 40 new names to remember that will become part of your daily life for a year.

We’ve got interesting icebreaker activities for you to try in your classroom. These activities will help teachers know their students better and ensure equal participation by all kids.

1. Know Your Classmates:
Ask your students to write down one good quality possessed by each of their classmates. Make sure that they write down their name on the sheet. Now read out each student’s copy. This will help boost the morale of the class from the very first day making sure that the year starts on a positive note.

This tip has been shared by Ms. Preeti Desai

2. I Am…
Let each child describe himself or herself using an adjective that begins with the first letter of their name.
Example: I am Pretty Pratima, Kind Kavya, Amazing Aditya. This doesn’t just help the kids introduce themselves better, but it is also useful for a quick recap of describing words.

This tip has been shared by Ms. Pratima Bhutani

3. Dumb Charades:
Let each child come up and tell his or her name to the class and enact his or her hobbies. The classmates will then try to guess it as a team building activity.

4. Share The Same Taste?
In a classroom, students don’t realise that many of them may have similar tastes, hobbies or skills. Ask every student to write down five things that they love to do. Now collect all these notes in a bowl. Pick 5 and ask the students to form groups based on these 5 activities. Give 10 minutes to each group to talk and discuss and then pick next 5. This way, students will get to be part of different groups and see how many share similar interest.

This tip has been shared by Ms. Kanika Gambhir

We would love to hear from you as well! How do you help your students begin their academic term and have a smooth year ahead? Share your tips with us, in the comments section below.

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