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Reading for Pleasure while at Leisure

Let our kids be lifelong learners keeping books as partners.

Reading opens up another dimension for learners as they are transported to a different world with characters, situations or even new facts. Reading captivates the mind and lets your imagination run wild in a way that no on-demand programming or video game can. While reading, one isn’t limited to the confines of the two-dimensional space created by a film or video. Thus, reading helps develop the mind, imagination, vocabulary, creativity, all while stimulating the mind in ways that most mediums of learning cannot.

Habit of Reading

I believe habit of reading a book every day has been an age-old practice for many, to either reduce the stress or be mentally stimulated. My father still reads a book at the age of 90 because he loves to and it’s been an addiction for seventy years. My daughters read a book any time they can and at bed time for sure because it’s an addiction.

Instilling the idea of reading in the children at a very early age triggers in them the love for language. 

And consequently, the craving increases when the essence is felt. The result obviously reflects in life’s journey.

Any form of reading, fills our mind with knowledge or bits of information.

As said, everything in life can get lost but knowledge gained never does. A well-written novel can steer anyone to other realms, while an engaging article will distract and keep a person in the present moment, letting tensions drain away, allowing relaxation.

Why Reading is important?

A book a day keeps a person happy, healthy and wise

Speaking skills and memory- The more we read, the more exposure we get. Reading books as a practice can develop the memory as well and additionally development in vocabulary can help in better articulation while speaking. We come across a lot of facts and characters which we tend to remember, thus enhancing our memory power.

Reading leads to language competency, and thereby, confidence as an effective user.

Analytical skills – There is another very significant development which takes place owing to reading. A child who loves to read books beyond the curriculum can focus and concentrate more in everything he or she does. This helps in sharpening analytical skills and thinking.

If we are avid book readers, nothing looks more attractive than a book; no entertainment can ever dissuade us from reading. The books become our best friend. Reading stories specially drives us to the world of imagination and helps us develop a creative instinct.

Reading for Pleasure

We as parents or teachers need to instil the habit of reading in our kids as the benefits are innumerable. Reading for pleasure while at leisure takes us to a divine state, therefore, let us encourage our children to read. Let us gift them a book rather than a gadget or a chocolate on their birthday or whenever we wish to reward them.

How to encourage reading in schools?

SAI understands the value of reading beyond the curriculum and therefore has initiated an annual reading enhancement program the SAI Cambridge Reading Quest. Students from Class I to IX are encouraged to register and read five books in five weeks and write a book review after reading every book. It is a matter of great motivation for the students as they enjoy the one-day workshop that is conducted to culminate the program and they are awarded with certificates and stars as a mark of their proficiency showcased in the workshops and their writing of reviews.

Parents have also shown tremendous enthusiasm, encouraging their wards to read as much as possible. It is observed that the participants of the Reading Quest program 2018 and 2019 have shown exemplary improvement in their language skills.

Cambridge Reading Program at SAI International School

The support extended to the school by the Cambridge University Press has been phenomenal. They have sent books we had needed, deputed an expert trainer to conduct the workshops and above all, encouraged the participants with the gracious visit to present the certificates in a special ceremony. Thanks a lot Cambridge University Press!

That was Binati Misra from SAI International School, Bhubaneswar, leading the Cambridge-SAI Reading Quest for 2 years.

Why do you think inclucating the habit of reading is important? Share with us on the comments section.

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Written by Binati Misra

I can introduce myself as an experienced teacher who is still learning. I believe learning never ends.I have been a teacher of English for the last 30 years. In my present position, I teach different levels of students right from 14/15 to 18/20 year old students. I am a curriculum designer having created two series of books graded for the levels of 4 year old to 13 year old on subjects like Global studies and value education called SAI Samskara. I am also an in-house teacher trainer. As an international school we organize Global Immersion programs with collaborative class to class projects with our overseas partner schools and I also organize exchange visits for students and teachers to UK.

My passion is learning through online and off line courses and love to attend MOOCS and webinars to enhance my vistas of knowledge and also keep abreast with the latest trends of teaching and learning system.

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