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Bringing Active Learning with Cambridge Expert Simon Lind

Creating Better Learning Moments with Active Learning

Recently, Cambridge University Press hosted webinar series ‘Creating Better Learning Moments using Active Learning’ for teachers by Simon Lind.

Simon Lind is the Senior Education Consultant and Trainer in the International Education division of Cambridge University Press. Simon has had 15 years’ experience of being a teacher, coach and Head of Department in international and private schools in Africa, England and Scotland before being offered a position in a global Academic Publishing company. While there Simon brought his expertise to bear training and mentoring consultants for colleges and universities which has resulted in his unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise across the wider education sector.

After a couple of years with Cambridge Assessment International Education, Simon joined Cambridge Learning for Schools, a division of Cambridge University Press, and established the Continuing Professional Development Department. A highly experienced professional educator, consultant, writer and trainer specialising in developing classroom excellence in bilingual and International Schools, Simon brings ‘the Cambridge Approach’ to teachers and schools around the world.

Cambridge University Press conducted 3 webinars in continuation to face to face workshops conducted in 7 cities across India. The focus of these workshops and webinars was to empower teachers to bring Active Learning in their Classrooms.

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is a classroom approach that focuses on how the students learn, not just what they learn. This approach ensures they are actively engaged in learning and encourages more complex thought processes. Opportunities provided by you, their teachers, such as enquiry-led tasks and open-ended questions, challenge the students and supports them to build knowledge and their own understanding. This assists them to become responsible for their own learning and more motivated to achieve. (Read more about Active Learning here)

Cambridge Active LearningActive Learning holds the key to achieving and creating various Better Learning Moments in your classroom. Where teachers make the move from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, nurtures student ownership of learning. It isn’t that teachers need to give up control of the classroom, but rather partake in sharing the responsibility for learning. This is when those “Aha” moments take birth.

‘My workshops are challenging, demanding full engagement from teachers, yet accessible, relevant and practical. Teachers take away new learning and ideas they can put into practice immediately.’ Simon Lind.

Access the Webinars

Are you a teacher using Cambridge Primary Math, Cambridge Primary Science or Cambridge Primary English, and want access to Simon’s Webinars? Then write to us at

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