Benefits of Plant Based Milk at Kindergarten

Milk is an essential dietary component for young children as it provides them with vital nutrients required for growth. 

However, dairy milk may interfere with iron absorption in some children. A better alternative to dairy milk for kids is plant-based milk alternatives that can provide a source of iron when fortified and are beneficial to lactose intolerant or allergic kids.

There are multiple benefits of serving plant based milk to learners at Kindergarten. 

1. There are no chances of any allergies that might be there due to Lactose intolerance. (Except for Allergy from Nuts or Soya)

2. No Hormones in such milk which normally are found in cow based milk to enhance their milk production.

3. Good absorption of Calciums

4. Toddlers do not have fully developed digestive system and hence they have difficulty in digesting the animal based milk where as plant based milk is very easily digestible.

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