Spread Happiness-A Simple Practice

As someone who finds themselves constantly on the move, I’ve developed a keen eye for the familiar sight of disposable plastic bottles accumulating during my travels by train or air, and even in hotel rooms. The realization of the sheer volume of plastic waste generated during these trips weighed heavily on my mind.
Determined to make a difference, I began a simple yet impactful practice. Each time I encountered these discarded bottles, I made a point to carefully collect them, knowing that each one represented a step towards a more sustainable future.
Upon returning home, I embarked on a ritual of cleaning and filling these bottles with fresh water, a process that felt almost therapeutic as I transformed what would have been waste into something useful and valuable.
But the true fulfillment comes when I share these bottles with others. Whether it’s the lady who diligently collects garbage from my apartment building or the gentleman who tirelessly cleans the floors, their faces light up with gratitude as they accept the unexpected gift of cold, refreshing water.
And as I drive through the scorching heat, I can’t help but feel a sense of purpose as I hand out frozen bottles to roadside beggars and those less fortunate. In those moments, the simple act of offering water becomes a profound expression of compassion and solidarity.
In a world grappling with the consequences of plastic pollution, these small acts of reuse and kindness serve as reminders that change begins with individual actions. What’s your story of reusing and reducing? Let’s share our journeys and inspire others to join us in making a difference. 

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Written by AbhaArora

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