Teaching Water Conservation with Nukkad Natak

One of my top priorities as a teacher has been to instill in my pupils a strong sense of environmental awareness. This goal inspired me to plan an initiative that would go beyond conventional teaching strategies and have a long-lasting effect on the students involved as well as our larger community. The Water Module Nukkad Natak project, in question, turned into a striking chapter in our group’s environmental consciousness journey.

This project began with the simple but significant understanding that we needed to get outside of the classroom in order to fully connect with and comprehend the complexities of the water situation. The idea of using street theater, or Nukkad Natak, as a means of exploration and communication was born out of this awareness.

When we started this project, my students and I immersed ourselves in an investigation of the vital role that water plays in our existence and the impending dangers to its availability. This was about making a personal connection with the problem at hand, not just gathering information. Making a story that was not only interesting and relevant, but also educational was our aim.

The Nukkad Natak’s creative process served as a demonstration of the strength of student agency and group innovation. It was an amazing experience to watch my kids take the lead when it came to scripting, creating, and performing. They contributed a variety of viewpoints, resulting in a story that was a patchwork of unique ideas and universal issues.


Written by NidhiBajajAnand

With over two decades of immersion in the world of education, I've dedicated myself to not just teaching Chemistry at Sanskriti School but also to innovating the way we approach science education. My academic journey began at the University of Delhi, where I pursued Bachelor and Master degrees in Science and Education, laying the groundwork for my educational philosophy. Beyond the classroom, my collaboration with Cambridge University Publishing Group has allowed me to author materials like the "Science Voyage" series, making science both accessible and engaging to students across different curriculums. I am deeply committed to my professional development and to fostering an environment that encourages students to be curious, critical thinkers.
- As an author for Cambridge University Press, I've contributed to educational resources that serve students across CBSE and ICSE curriculums, ensuring that complex scientific concepts are understood and appreciated.
- At Sanskriti School, I've taken on multiple coordinator roles, from work education to environmental science, driving interdisciplinary teaching and learning.
- My efforts were recognized nationally when I represented Sanskriti School at a Royal Society of Chemistry conference.
- Academic excellence and innovation in teaching have been hallmarks of my career, evidenced by my first rank in M.Ed at the University of Delhi.
- My expertise lies in Chemistry and general science education, with a strong emphasis on curriculum development and interdisciplinary teaching methods.
- I advocate for inclusive education and have developed strategies to support learners with special needs.
- The integration of e-learning and technology in teaching is something I'm passionate about, always exploring new ways to enhance the learning experience.
I envision education as a holistic journey, where students not only excel academically but also develop as well-rounded individuals through sports, music, and a deep connection with the environment. 


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