Brief write up on Cambridge Teacher Standards

Cambridge Teacher Standards:

Cambridge is committed to supporting the continuing improvement of the quality of educational outcomes for the learners following Cambridge programmes. Classroom teaching has the largest impact on the quality of educational outcomes. What teachers know and do makes the difference in improving student learning outcomes, their knowledge, pedagogical practices and relationships with students. Keeping this in view Cambridge Teacher Standards have been developed to define Key characteristics and practices of effective teachers. 

Teacher values and attributes 

Classroom culture and environment 

Teaching skills and practices

Innovation and improvement in teaching and learning 

Community engagement

These standards are needed to deliver Cambridge programmes effectively. Teachers who use the standards to evaluate their own practice and guide their continuing professional development are in a strong position to achieve the desired student outcomes from Cambridge programmes.

The standards provide a benchmark of what we consider to be teacher quality. Each domain contains a number of individual standard statements that are detailed and concrete. They outline what a teacher should know and be able to do, or demonstrate, in terms of their professional knowledge, practice and engagement.

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