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Empowering Educators – Break free from chains of compliance!

Education is evolving as we speak. In this ever revolving landscape of education, Cambridge educators are undoubtedly attuned to the world around them. Trying to prepare students to be lifelong learners, incorporating AI and research based cutting edge technology in their teaching methods, it looks like they have got it all covered. With that being said, a crucial question lingers on my mind: Are these educators really reflecting on their practices and the educational systems they operate within?

Despite the modern trends in education, teachers hardly ever get the time to innovate in their classrooms. They are bound by stringent restrictions and the top-down approach by academic leaders which often resembles a dictatorship, where teachers are expected to follow orders rather than truly engage in real professional growth. It is stifling the creativity of educators and students alike. When teachers cannot grow, innovate, collaborate, explore, experiment and learn, this directly affects the students as they don’t have the dynamic environment to learn from. Students should be taught what is a growth mindset and how they can become lifelong learners. 

If we desire a Cambridge system where students actually enquire, reflect and learn continuously then it must start at home. Of course, with the leaders! Students these days have to constantly face and overcome challenges, they need to be able to be fearless to challenge the status quo and pursue what their heart wants. We have to build a community of learners – both teachers and students- who are empowered to think beyond the box, so they can do wonders in this competitive world which is known to show no mercy to anyone. The harsh realities of the world will touch us all, are we truly prepared? 

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. 

~Albert Einstein

Encouraging Educator

Written by AsnaSaleem

I am not just an ordinary teacher. I am an educator.

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