Delhi Directorate of Education fixes weight of school bags for students

The weight of a school bag in Delhi is officially fixed, according to a Delhi government circular on Saturday. It says school bags for students in Class I and II should not be above 1.5 kg; for Classes III to V (two-three kg), classes VI-VII (four kg), Classes VIII-IX (4.5 kg), and Class X (five kg).

The circular also asks schools not to assign any homework to Class I and II children. It asked schools to inform the students in advance about the books and notebooks to be brought to the school on a particular day. The decision of the Delhi Directorate of Education follows Centre’s order and guidelines for capping the weight of school bags for classes I-X.”

Heavy school bags are a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of the school students. It has a severe adverse physical effect on the growing children which can cause damage to their vertebral column and knees,” said the circular.


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