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5 Fun Xmas Activities To Make English Spelling & Grammar A Little More Cheery!

With the onset of the holiday season, and the merry knock of Christmas and New Year’s upon our doors, here are some fun-filled activities that every teacher can try in their classroom. Not only will these bring excitement and fun for your students, but will also add some cheer to the English spelling and grammar lesson plan you deliberated on and worked so hard to execute during the year. Some brightly coloured and designed Christmas-themed worksheets will make all the work seem just a little bit lighter.

  1. Christmas Crosswords: This is a great way to inculcate problem-solving skills. You can hope to increase your students’ vocabulary with a mix of words that are Christmas related and some that would pose a challenge to their existing knowledge of words.
  2. Letter to Santa contest: This is a creative writing exercise at its best. Testing both the imagination and ingenuity of your students, it can yield some interesting results. It could be a fun exercise to have students read out some of their letters in front of the class. Of course, the best one gets a prize, which can be anything from crayons to candy canes, just as long as it boosts the student’s confidence and gives him or her, a take-home memento to match.
  3. Christmas story starters: Using your imagination to write a few lines as a Christmas story starter is the perfect way to spark a child’s imagination into writing some really interested and exciting Christmas stories. Distribute worksheets with interesting paragraphs and then students can fill in the rest. This is a spelling, grammar and vocabulary activity all rolled into one!
  4. Holiday card exchange: Getting students to make holiday cards could be the most fun activity yet. Giving students time to make their holiday cards in class with colours and decorations will keep their attention span intact. You can ask them to write a personal message to their friends while giving them a minimum word limit. Once they are done completing their cards, they can then exchange cards with their friends and see what they wrote. This can bring out some beautiful and heartfelt bonds within classmates, all while increasing students’ ability to express themselves with correct spelling and grammar.
  5. Christmas word scramble: A brain teaser with a twist of English vocabulary could sharpen up those young minds. Making a fun Christmas themed word scramble could be an enjoyable activity for students of all ages. You can do this in two ways. You can write it on the board and have the class compete for the one who guesses the most number of words. Another way is making it into worksheets and handing it out for everyone to answer, with a time limit, of course. Students will find it fun and exciting, and at the same time perhaps increase their vocabulary by a few more words.

With these cheerful and fun-filled activities, you can make the classroom session even more fun and informative. It will prevent those pre-holidays workdays from becoming too heavy but won’t compromise the learning process you set out so hard to keep in place all year round. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What’s your favorite Christmas activity? Share with us in the comments section.

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