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Saluting our Super Educators! Thank you to all teachers.

Saluting our Super Educators!

We are living in a world that is currently facing unprecedented challenges due to a pandemic. Such is the human spirit that even in adverse circumstances, we saw how there is a lot of room for ingenuity and creativity. Teachers have embraced the changes innovatively and transitioned beautifully to virtual space to let the learning continue.

With teachers at the heart of everything we do at Cambridge University Press, We want to thank you for being the Learning Superheroes. We salute you, our teachers, across the globe.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards the entire teaching community for being the torchbearers of learning even in the darkest times and never backing out.

Cambridge Supporting Every Teacher

We understand that the current situation has brought in huge challenges for teachers, learners and parents. At Cambridge University Press, we are committed to supporting you in this difficult time. We are supporting teachers with tips, complimentary resources, worksheets and webinars.

You blended in the current times’ demand effortlessly, to empower your students with knowledge, beyond the boundaries of a classroom. Thank you Teachers!

Master your digital classes beyond rooms with Teachers of Tomorrow, read articles by other teachers on how to ace your online classes.

We have also created a collection of free worksheets, digital resources, tips and support to help you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Whether you are looking for primary or secondary materials, we have something for all ages. Get access to free worksheets and Cambridge Learning Digital Resources here.

Missed out on our recent webinars to help you ace your online classes? You can watch the recording here.

From brick to click, you made sure that learning continued.
Thank You, Teachers!

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Written by Team Cambridge


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  1. Thank you so much for continuing support to us. You proved that the passion of teachers could keep the light of learning glowing if they have ocean of resources and guidance to use them.
    Thank you once again.

  2. Very well articulated. Teachers have really put their heart and soul in online classes. I myself was never a tech savvy person. But now I can operate zoom, ms teams ,etc etc

  3. Thank you for making a beautiful connect during these trying times. The love warmth n zeal of Team Cambridge India have embraced my thoughts and has enthused me each day to contribute as a part of teacher commumity.
    It is a great learning platform for me where I could develop a PLN who inspires me to work hard with each passing day.
    Special mention for my mentor DrAshok Pandey who has inbuilt tbis culture of learning in me.
    Thank you CambridgeIndia n especially Riddhima
    You are simply awesome!

  4. By developing a passion for learning, one will never cease to grow.
    My heartfelt thanks to Cambridge University Press for supporting teachers’ tribe during this difficult times with tips, complimentary resources, worksheets and webinars.

  5. Thank you team Cambridge for your unrelenting efforts in promoting and encouraging the educators to understand their value in such an unprecedented times. Your support is appreciated and valued by the community. Keep the good work

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