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Morning Assemblies in the Virtual World

 Transforming the REAL scenario of Assembly into Virtual Assembly  

In a bygone era, students would rush to school, climb the stairs and enter the class breathless, just in time for the morning prayers echoing in the school premises. Undoubtedly, online teaching has given our students a flavour of school life but its ingredients, garnishing and plating have changed drastically.

The chanting of poised mantras is now heard through PPTs and the seeds of moral values are sown and nurtured through morning prayers and assembly themes sitting far away from each other.

No one, not even teachers had in their wildest dreams thought that one day life would be like this. The podium, green rooms of the school auditorium, entry and exit doors of the stage all are unembellished, but the charm of learning while doing is still at its peak.

 A Gate-way for Skill Development 

I still remember the very first meeting where I was instructed to plan and schedule the assemblies keeping all the national, as well as, international dates/festivals in mind for this virtual world of learning. It was truly a herculean task for me.

It took baby steps and chipped away at the task assigned to me. It also took some convincing to prepare these assemblies on a virtual platform. However, little did we know that our enthusiastic learners will leave us spell-bound with their presentations and never-give-up attitude.

Each assembly presentation made us realise how our learners are able to get a chance to enhance the level of different quotients needed for their holistic development.

From programme outlines to e-invites, self -composed poems to Plotgon videos, and enactment to group dance videos, they explored each arena in a manner that opened the doors of learning for us as well.

Whether it’s the intelligence quotient as they learn about famous people, national/international important dates and days or the emotional quotient through YouTube videos, they are developing a lot of empathy towards others.

Even their physical quotient has developed as the sports department is an integral part of these assemblies. It is also true that with special assemblies based on religious celebrations, their spiritual quotient has been enhanced too.  

Last, but not the least, through the topics based on disaster management, students have begun sharing their experiences and suggestions which is the need of the hour, so the adversity quotient has also developed significantly.

These unusual assemblies are serving as a wonderful platform for the development of practical skills in these millennium learners. Their command over digital techniques, oration, multi-tasking, and developing mental and emotional endurance are a few mentionable boons of this pandemic.

 Including family members and their pearls of wisdom 

Not only students but the virtual world helped our busy parents to shoulder the responsibility of guiding and nurturing young minds. The school community is now able to reach the parent community in just one click. Parents are invited to these assemblies,  without being burdened to compromise on their professional commitments. They add value and share their pearls of wisdom with students while sitting at the home.

Even grand-parents have taken an active involvement and are welcoming this initiative taken by school authorities. They take pride in sharing their tried and tested methods with students for a better tomorrow.

 Morning Assemblies, the Foundation of a Better Tomorrow 

Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”

This world of virtual assemblies is truly a testimony to these words. Today, every assembly comes with a surprise element as guidance and first-hand information are flowing in from all corners for our young students. A festival like Dussehra was linked to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Ram-Raj was compared and contrasted with 17 SDG goals and to my amazement students were answering and correlating them coherently.

Share how you transformed your morning assemblies for the digital world in the comments section.

Admiring Advisor

Written by Preeti Chanana

Believes in fostering skills needed for committed and dutiful citizens. My canvas of growth has strokes of creativity, sincerity and zealous work.
Being English Subject Coordinator, along with teaching English and leading my team,  I also work as a bridge between the school and media, as a coordinator of HT Newspaper-Middle section.
As an Assembly Coordinator, I try to provide a platform of learning while doing. Here, students get opportunities to hone their oratory and managerial skills and these young minds will step into the future to achieve their desired goals without any apprehension.


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