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No More Marking’s approach to digital assessment is intriguing and has the potential to bring consistency and efficiency to the evaluation process. The use of comparative judgment in their system could help mitigate the subjective variations we often see in traditional marking, especially with long-answer and open-ended questions.

As for AI in learner assessments, I see both opportunities and challenges. AI can offer personalized feedback, identify learning gaps, and streamline the grading process, saving teachers valuable time. It can also bring a level of objectivity to assessments that is difficult to achieve manually. However, there are concerns about over-reliance on technology, potential biases in AI algorithms, and the need for human oversight to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Overall, while AI and digital tools can significantly enhance assessment practices, they should complement, not replace, the nuanced understanding and judgment that educators bring to the table.

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Written by NasreenaAmin

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