Teacher professional development:

It involves a continuous process of reflection, learning and action to further a teacher’s knowledge and

skills, leading to enhanced teaching practices.

Teacher PD aims to improve teachers and their practice by adopting a holistic approach to developing

the teacher as a professional practitioner.

Teaching practice comprises a range of areas, each of which can be targeted by PD activities. Any activity

that supports teachers to reflect, learn and then act to improve their practice can be classed as teacher


The theory behind Teacher PD:

*The impact of teachers on learners: -Educational research indicates that teachers and their classroom

action play a large role in explaining variation in learner achievement. Effective teacher PD positively

impact teachers’ practice and substantially improve learner outcomes.

*Teachers as learners themselves

*Engaging in reflection

Benefits of teacher PD:

It results in improved learner outcomes, increased teacher motivation and it has benefits for schools as


Despite the benefits there are some misconceptions of the same:

We have this notion that more experienced teachers cannot benefit from PD, but it is continuous

process. PD takes lots of time for little impact. It is expensive. Investing in teacher PD leads to loss of

teachers etc

Practical tips

How can schools support PD?
Provide teachers with the resources that they need to engage in effective PD.
Integrate PD into your teacher’s roles and schedules.
Establish a collaborative learning culture.
Use the research evidence to identify the most impactful areas to focus on for improving teaching
Remember quality assurance.

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